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Offer your customers a seat at the table

Launch a transparency campaign to cultivate lively feedback and build trust.

How it Works
image Kevin Curtis

Engage your customers to discover exactly what they want.

Built for businesses to listen better.

Host a pin board
of ideas

Inspire, listen and react.

Customers post, share and discuss new ideas

Validate concepts before going to market

Promote surveys and get campaign reactions

Keep up with a rapidly evolving market


Track activity
as it happens

Easy-to-manage results.

Accessible from any device, Team Managers access the Admin Panel to organize feedback, moderate customer ideas, view analytics, observe behaviors, reply to messages and more.

Your brand,
your domain

Includes custom design and development.

Clearly Here is flexible platform, which we tailor to your marketing and branding needs. Development models the functionality as design applies your brand style. Publish on your domain (example: from our secure, top-level hosting platform.

Social in
every way

Boost your reputation with an honest dialogue.

Create a buzz as your customers interact around your offerings and campaigns. Grow new connections as users post, support and discuss. Along the way, everything is shareable to social media.

Reward your customers

Give them a story to tell.

Announce rewards for your most active customers

Spotlight trending ideas, reactions and staff picks

Positive environment to inspire happy customers

Increase organic word-of-mouth referrals

Focus Categories

Pinpoint where improvements are needed
and cultivate customer feedback.

Campaign with transparency

Truly dynamic content marketing.

Sculpt concepts

Shape your product and sales with popular feedback.

Measure interaction

Capture real-time data from the admin dashboard.

Fully customizable

Tailored setup and functionality.


Fully branded design on your domain.

Mobile friendly

Responsively-built interface that looks great on all devices.

Point of sale

Create new customer connections with trial offerings.

Socially integrated

Promotes itself on social media.

Friendly environment

Review feedback before it goes live.

Open discussion

Customers comment on ideas in the open.

Get started building a community.

Drop us a line for a consultation. We’ll get right back to you.

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