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Honestly Inspiring: Interpreters’ Help


Honestly Inspiring: Interpreters’ Help

Interpreters’ Help serves conference interpreters across the globe with powerful tools to ease their work. We spoke with Yann Plancqueel, engineer and co-founder, to learn how their company stays on the pulse of such niche customers. 


Interpeters’ Help App.

How do you listen to your customers?
The feedback we receive helps us set our development priorities and always improve our product. A good way for us to listen to interpreters is through conferences and presentations. We organize some events ourselves, especially in the academic world, which is very receptive to new tools. It allows us to listen and learn about how interpreters work and use our product, and the competitors’ as well.

Interpreters can suggest new features and tell us about their ideas.

It’s also an opportunity to learn more about the profession and its culture in a larger sense, so that we can deliver the best possible tools and services.

Customers also reach us via email, raising questions or issues they encounter and we provide direct support. We value each contact we make. We always learn something. We want interpreters to be pleased and satisfied with our software.

What’s the best idea you’ve ever received from a customer?
We’ve received many good ideas from customers and still receive a lot of good feedback on a daily basis, so it’s difficult to choose one in particular. We’ve actually entirely rebuilt the site one year after launch to reflect all the feedback we’ve received. Also a few members asked for an iPad app to search their glossaries offline. We were unsure about the demand for such an app at the time. But now we can see that it’s clearly more and more popular for interpreters in the booth, they are replacing their laptops with tablets.

Thanks to their vision, this app gives a lot of value to our software suite.

Honest marketing has been very important for us … we’ve always been allergic to bullshit marketing.

In what way has marketing in a transparent or honest way has reflected on your brand’s reputation?
Honest marketing has been very important for us—we are tech guys and we’ve always been allergic to bullshit marketing. We prefer letting the quality of our software speak for itself. We don’t like to be bullshitted ourselves so we naturally apply this in our communication. Furthermore, Interpreters’ Help is a collaborative platform, being trusted by the community to accomplish this mission requires transparency.

Recently, when customers wanted to know how we handle security on a technical level we decided to be totally transparent and created a page on the website that explains in detail what we do to protect our members’ data.

We also let the community know we were open for suggestions on how to make data even safer. This action resulted in approval from influential members of the community, thus improving our reputation. In the future, we want to further improve transparency in our relationship with customers.

Has working for a transparent or honest company reflected on your working environment?
Working for an honest company gives some peace of mind. We don’t have to think about how to appeal to our customers. We are aligned with our values and this makes us more efficient and happy. 

Image CC BY-SA 2.0 (Booth); Interpreters’ Help (app)

Interpreters’ Help

Language Industry

France and Spain

Founded in 2013

Interpreters’ Help provides powerful tools to ease the work of conference interpreters.

Corey Olin
Corey Olin

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