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Built for dynamic, market-driven research.


Campaign with transparency

Sculpt concepts

Shape your product and sales with popular feedback.

Measure interaction

Capture real-time data from the admin dashboard.

Fully customizable

Tailored setup and functionality.


Fully branded design hosted on your domain.

Mobile friendly

Responsively-built interface that looks great on all devices.

Point of sale

Create new customer connections with trial offerings.

Socially integrated

Promotes itself on social media.

Friendly environment

Review feedback before it goes live.

Open discussion

Customers comment on ideas in the open.

Manage with ease

Track what's trending

Monitor real-time activity.

Add Focus Categories

Give direction to customer feedback.

Advanced filtering

Sort users by activity or demographic.

Data delivery

Receive all data for local storage.

Add managers

Delegate roles for admin access.

Scalable, reliable hosting

Hosted on a first-class hosting service.

User activities

Post ideas

Freedom to publish unlimited ideas for approval.

Profile page

Customizable public space with a comprehensive feed.

Tools to promote

Share, email or embed individual posts or profiles.


User interaction focused in familiar comments section.

Support ideas

Vote for ideas to boost their momentum.

Customer rewards

Win coupons, giveaways and improved rankings.



Connect to your Google Analytics business account.

Social logins

Sign up with common social media credentials.

Online store

Carousel products from your online store.


Get in-depth insights on interest levels.

Banner campaigns

Test banners with early adopters before going national.

Digital campaign templates

Pre-designed resources for your website and social media.

Pro solutions

Multiple Tier voting

Maximize feedback with survey-style levels from production to cost.

Official comments

Commend or suggest changes with a separate tab for company comments.

Set voting goals

Validate input when it reaches a said amount.

Follow to notify

Users follow each other to receive activity notifications

In-store live feed

Promote with a pop-up display, where customers vote on the spot

User Badges

Give titles to users who reach set milestones.

Production log

Show how ideas implemented with practical milestones.

Post Media with idea

Enhance interaction with images, Gifs and embedded videos.

Languages with translation

Get international feedback from a single campaign.

Get started building a community

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